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OPCloud's Testimonials


"OPCloud has enabled us at SMART to move our business discussions from being fairly hamstrung with a 'we think things are done this way' narrative to a concrete and focused 'This is how things are being done' and 'This is how things need to be done' narrative.  By leveraging OPCloud as the OPM modeling tool at SMART, we have been able to effectively capture an appropriate level of detail relating to our Enterprise Process Model which aligns our business processes to our customers' journeys.  OPCloud and the OPM modeling specification (ISO/PAS 19450:2015) is simple yet comprehensive enough to tie high level processes to the tactical and critical details of how the day to day lower level processes interact, rely on each other, and in some cases bottleneck each other.  Never before have we had such insight into the interaction, cost, and overlap of our business processes and data flows.

We plan to continue to leverage OPCloud as we refine how we plan and execute both internally and externally.  The OPM model for our business is an integral part of our enterprise change management plan. It provides a means to capture a crisp understanding of what is changing and what the extent of the impact of said change will be.  Beyond simply capturing the relationships between our processes, teams, and data, OPCloud also provides a simulation capability that further enhances our understanding of the status quo compared to our proposed changes.  We will leverage the model for the stand-up of new systems, changes to existing systems, additions of and improvements to business processes, and changes in data use across business processes and systems."

Jeremy Hansen P.Eng. 
Director, Data Science and Operations
SMART Technologies

"Our MBSE evaluation group in CONFIDENTIAL has started trialling OPCloud and it has quickly become one of our favourite tools. 
OPCloud takes the intuitive yet powerful MBSE methodology OPM to another level by allowing users to capture and analyse system knowledge in a seamless and intelligent way that has not been seen in any other modelling tools. 
The capability to perform analysis with any backends such as Python, extended functionalities to trade designs using Pareto fronts, and automatically generating system matrices are all gamechangers that make OPCloud stand out in the market. 
Combined with the passion of the OPCloud team and their relentless desire to add new functions frequently, I am confident that OPCloud is going to be a unique product that is going to lead the market in MBSE modelling tools.

System engineer
An aerospace company

"OPCloud is a great environment to experiment with OPM and MBSE concepts.
It helped me understand how I could leverage OPM to eventually create a solution that perfectly solved my problem."

Principal System Architect
A medical instruments company

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